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Tribal Spirit

Reading Time: 5 minutes I’ve taken some time to really take in the current situation. But what is the current situation, other than what I can absorb of it in my small office room, various faces of media, conversations with family members, and the sunny weather outside. Because I was somewhat fasting the last week, I also didn’t frequent the groceries – I haven’tContinue readingTribal Spirit

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A Family of One – The Life of a Stray Cat

Reading Time: 9 minutes Someone describing herself as a “lone wolf” might usually be done for a mysterious effect. On one hand, it might want to signal the capacity for self-sustainability, on the other – it has romantic undertones. A careful person would take from it another signal altogether – she must be a sociopath – can’t keep a pack.  I’ve never felt likeContinue readingA Family of One – The Life of a Stray Cat