Hi, my name is Silvi.

I write essays and a science fiction series. In both I tend to cover themes around intuition, interpersonal dynamics (the word “psychology” is ruined for me) and risk in those domains (not the mathematical kind, but the type we encounter in the real world – much inspired by Taleb’s Incerto and what I’ve learned from attending the Real World Risk Institute). 

Recently I earned my buck knowing things about gambling, graphics and motion design, art direction, music production/direction and marketing. How my life ended up there – I have no idea – just some opportunities. The company is nice, the people are awesome, I’m quite satisfied with it. 

Now I’m enjoying and exploring the wonders of my marriage and seeing how it goes with having and bringing up children 🙂

Always happy to converse about these things, connect with me – I am super active on Twitter; And for whatever reason, if you must, let’s connect over LinkedIn

Portrait of Silvi