Hi, my name is Silvi.

Currently I earn my buck knowing things about gambling, graphics and motion design, art direction and marketing. How my life ended up there – I have no idea – just some opportunities. The company is nice, the people are awesome, I’m quite satisfied with it. 

Of my personal projects my current favourite is a fictional adventure which I started publishing over a blog. Thought that when I force myself to publish a chapter per week – I’ll eventually get over it. Eysin ACE is a futuristic fantasy adventure – currently coming into existence in the form of writing, but should I ever care to learn game engines or make friends who already do – I’d bring it to other mediums too (I just like to be thorough with it:)

Occasionally I write some music (electronic and neo-folk) – I’d consider some of my strong influences Nobue Uematsu and Final Fantasy. I have performed live, also, but I never consider myself a virtuoso (neither a producer) – I mostly prefer to tinker privately – but am open to collaborations!

I have quite a lot of free time and recently seem to prefer to use it for learning. Risk, complexity and behaviour science have taught me quite interesting things (world-view changing things, even!)

Always happy to converse about these things, connect with me on Twitter; And let’s connect over LinkedIn

Portrait of Silvi