Hi, my name is Silvi, and here’s what I’m up to, these days: 

For my own pleasure am studying risk, complexity, behavioral science, creativity, design (these areas have some of the most wonderful people as teachers!);

Biggest current personal project: prose fantastica. A large futu-fantasy project that I have been working on for more than a decade; I’m planning to start releasing it book by book from 2021! 

Currently supporting all that great fun with earning money with graphic design, fx animation and storyboarding, web design, research, digital marketing, social media in a studio that creates great quality online slot games; 

Occasionally I write some music (electronic and neo-folk) – I’d consider some of my strong influences Nobue Uematsu. I have performed live, also, but I never consider myself a virtuoso (neither a producer) – I mostly prefer to tinker privately – but am open to collaborations!

Always happy to converse about these things, connect with me on Twitter; And let’s connect over LinkedIn

Portrait of Silvi