February 17, 2021 – I published the first episode of Eysin’s adventure to site.

Eysin – A.C.E. 301 – Not Quite the Gladiator is an adventure set in the future, 301 years After Common Era – at a geopolitically fractured Earth. Following Eysin, we see her live in a culture that’s centered around guilds, at a geopolitical spot which will be under attack both by Northeners – for raids (Vikings, as they are :)), and from deeper south – for land and resources. Eysin has recently joined a guild that researches and masters the use of a very mysterious type of technology.

I plan to release those episodes on a weekly basis and go through 301 – 304 in one stretch – but we’ll see how all that pans out.

If you like science fiction, fantasy, have enjoyed Final Fantasy or similar materials – consider taking a look 🙂