A Place for the Self

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Reading Ayn Rand‘s “Virtue Of Selfishness” essays and I find so much familiar and agreeable in it.

As with many other books, this one seems to be very popular due to people who’ve read it (or at least they say so!) and attempt to critique it talk as if they read a completely different book, written by a dumb lunatic.

Once again I see how understanding context and having familiarized yourself with some other concepts helps reading comprehension.

They somehow see this approach is toxic and harmful – yet I see it is the ONLY viable way how to honestly fix your self-esteem. How to understand pride and admiration (and its celebration!), what is the difference between sacrifice (compromise) or a fair trade etc… Amazing.

The few “critics” I checked out said this person advocates for complete heartless selfishness. While I understand cooperation is the final virtue – I don’t see the people being the loudest critics being much in for cooperation by themselves. Babysitting is not cooperation.

The virtue involved in helping those one loves is not “selflessness” or “sacrifice”, but integrity. 

In her view – you are free to help anyone if you wish to do so. You should not be obligated.

Anyway – otherwise pretty short and simply written. Going to take a deeper look into the other essayist in the book, the fan-become-man, Brendan.

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