Behavior Backed By Belief

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I think no one is free of beliefs. No matter how rational or skeptical or religious you hold yourself to be – no matter how many facts or verses you can cite – it’s all the same thing – some threads of information in your brain that you have assembled in some aesthetic-enough manner for yourself to view the world trough from.

More importantly I am taking up this subject because it is most interesting when it comes to – not science or religion – but interpersonal relationships. What do you believe of yourself; what do you – generally – believe of other people. Are you so lazy to believe the same thing of every person? Or are you a little more effortful in registering different characteristics – as you witness them – on each and every person you meet and have a slightly more meaningful relationship with?

It does seem there are many (or few, but louder than others) people who make very lazy generalizations saying all people are like this, all women are like that, all race-this-race-that people do this, all men are like that. Attempting to understand why people do this – nasty generalizations – what I’ve come up with, for now – it’s their underlying belief (now, I wonder if that’s a lazy theory?). Belief about yourself and others – something like a personal general theory of life and the world.

Most common and harmful one I can think of right now are beliefs something like, “no one will ever love me,” and “all people in the world are playing a game of deceit.”

Now, imagine believing these things; imagine being a person who believes no one will truly ever love; maube you will not bother loving others, either. Maybe you will try to BUY love, trade it for kind acts and virtue (or the fake variant of it), but you’d treat people spitefully because they believe other people, eventually, will treat you spitefully, as well – so why bother, right?

Or imagine being an individual that believes everyone out there is to get you; maybe you too will start playing the ugliest game on Earth – conning everyone you ever meet, seeking for more influence, more power – getting into positions of power to prevent other people having power over you – because your spine doesn’t carry otherwise – and from your newly gained position of power you continue screwing things up even more from there (I happen to believe many politicians/activists could be of that kind – pay attention: many, but not all).

If you believe all people around you are dumb, you’ll treat them dumb, you’ll talk down on them – and no matter what they do, you’ll only latch onto the dumb stuff they do – you refuse to see their intelligence, autonomy, self-sufficiency, you refuse to see the geniuses among them – you are blind to them – merely because you believe they don’t exist. That belief involves a string – if you got into a position of power, fame, achievement – you must have cheated somewhere, with something, or slept with the right person, right? Believing all people around you are helpless and dumb will, uh, inspire you to try and take control over what they do – becuase you believe whatever they do, they will fuck up everything – and you can get them better results.

This is what I believe control-freaks are all about. They have this belief that everyone around them is helpless and dumb, so they take it as their job to go around and solve other people’s problems, keep explaining everything and bla bla bla.

If you believe all people around you are smarter and wiser than you – you’ll end up disrespecting yourself a lot. You’ll let other people walk all over you, as you trust, due to your belief – that they will treat you exactly how you deserve to be treated, because they are wiser and know better, right? You’ll let those previous idiots come to your life and take controls of your spaceship and happily crash it on the moon; the moon being rock-bottom; and then poof, everyone is gone as if there’s no air up there or something – just you in your wreck of a ship.

Now, it might also be no one stays with one belief for their whole lives (unless they live a very short life) – suppose many people can go from believing everyone around them are smarter to everyone around them are evil little dumb shits. It’s when you can call someone bitter – they had one faith, and then exchanged it for another. Maybe for some people (like yours truly) it starts from one extreme, then oscillates to the whole other end, and then, slowing down, calming down, going a small way back a good balance is found – having been on both sides, you can figure from experience what to take from each to get the best from both worlds. *That might sound better on paper than in reality, I admit.

I’ve exchanged my faith plenty times, gone trough all sorts of phases – and with my own experience I expect most people do the same – although we all probably don’t go trough the same phases, even less so in the same order. I don’t think there is a way to package in way that you can sell it off to school-kids so they can save time by not exploring any of the extremes and find the right path right away (although religions, to some extent, have achieved that – but as apparent, it doesn’t work on everyone – nutjobs be nutjobbing – and smart people find the smart way forward fast with or without religion, I expect!). So, there’s no interesting product I imagine I can develop from this chain of thoughts to “help” other people find their golden path faster – I’m just thinking, wondering if that’s what’s happening.

And you know, it’s relevant in my life, still sometimes I see someone making lazy assumptions (e.g. “why is this customer being so stupid and doesn’t know how our store’s inner workings behave? I can’t possibly send her the package in two days? why is she such an idiot!?) irritates me. How the fuck do you expect all people understand the workings of our specific industry? I don’t think it’s dumb – but I do think it’s very lazy thinking. And sometimes lazy shout-outs like this can become a burden on others – so, there you go. A reason to think of this subject a little bit. Are these kinds of remarks out of laziness or bad faith in other people? Not sure.

Are beliefs and energy connected, somehow; or are they the same thing? You have a generalizing belief about people – you will VERY ENERGETICALLY believe the customer asking why their product isn’t in pick-up yet is a dumb shit. Is the belief lazy or the individual assessment?

Anyway, as long as the Lazy Assessers and Evil Believers don’t impose their shit on me – if I don’t have to work with them, who cares. You do you. 

Interpersonal dynamics are, in this sense, not dynamics between individuals – they are dynamics between their beliefs. How the interactions play out in real-life situations are meaningful decorations – everyone deals with them in their own way.

Maybe that’s why psychologist-conducted role-play always seemed so dumb to me – you’re practicing mechanical movements of your limbs and lips, and eyes, and the sounds and words that come out of your mouth – but in many cases it might be the furthest thing away from being in sync with what you believe – what frequency your soul is drumming about.

Take care of yourself o/

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