Challenging Information

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What do I imagine I do a little differently from other people – to prevent myself from falling into the sides that are fighting – the packages offered – and why do I even seem to be doing it? The laziest jumps in thought I can make is when thinking “critical thinking” – it points to “do your own research” – NO. Critical thinking and challenging the information you get is not about “doing your own research”. I mean – sure, go ahead and read around the web, see differing viewpoints, google answers that you don’t like, google mindsets that you feel disgusted by – maybe you’ll get something, but is that really the point?

There’s information that I receive faster and information that I take in with a yellow or a red light – my gut says – something’s not right here. Something doesn’t add up – I can’t place my finger on it – but something is missing.

And you know what? Often it’s not about the methods used to bring some “scientific information” to the public – I mean, I can’t say whether there was something wrong in the methods of collecting that data. Now, do not misunderstand me – I do understand that “scientific method”, how experiments ought to be collected, how data can or shouldn’t be collected. For some reason I have found myself looking “into it” – I guess we did cover it a bit in school, too.

But for me it’s not these methods that usually light up the red or the yellow. It’s the delivery. I will naturally want to challenge the information I get based on how and where I get it from. But I don’t challenge the “how” and “where” – I don’t challenge the methods of marketing. Just that when something needs to be marketed on me so hard – when the salesman feels the need to use tricks to convince me – it feels wrong.

Try me with sincerity – can you sincerely explain to me why I need this or that. Or why the world needs me to do this or that. Or something in between – but if you can’t do it sincerely – sorry, but it just feels like you’re trying to feed me some foul smelling onion, telling me it’s a fresh apple.

I am possibly not the only person who gets their alarm bells going as soon as I feel someone may have an incentive to trick me. Now, you know what’s so damn appealing about some “independent thinkers”? They have absolutely nothing to gain from you following their thought, they don’t care to sell you anything – their process and delivery – both, are sincere and they don’t care to persuade anyone of it.

This is why – even when your research is scientifically sound and what you are trying to impose on the world is for the greater good with relatively low chance of individual risks (let’s say – jabs to end a certain ongoing situation in the world) – if you’re trying to market it on me like I’m some dumb fuck – I will naturally feel put off by it.

Be careful about trying to trick people into doing things – it might feel awesome short term – but it can turn out catastrophic long term. You trick people into wearing data-collecting collars today, you’ll have chaos and destruction soon enough down the road. Worse yet if you won’t be there to take the beating – but someone else inherits from you.

Tricks being used for stupid, harmful or very selfish things – that’s just ugly.

Tricks are better used to keep yourself healthy and engaged.

Otherwise – it’s been a while. I’m publishing the first book of my science fiction adventure – the process has been quite fun and educational (about layouts, design, editing, waiting) – so, let me present to you my carefully crafted lottery ticket:

I’ll keep on writing the series once I’ve gotten the first print book in my hands. I’ve been thinking and writing the story almost every day – right now it’s scattered all around the place on post-it notes and torn notebook pages. But this time I think I will already have figured out a system for myself to pull it off – meaning the following episodes should come smoother.

I also worked on the site and made it free to read:

If you need some quick tips with that kind of stuff, hit me up on twitter – while I still remember it fresh in my head.

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