It’s Time

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It’s been a time-themed day. A week, actually. And it’s only Tuesday. Now, a guy very unpopular in the circle I’m used to hanging out in the tweeter-sphere: “”, explained time, the 4th dimension just beautifully. Maybe he nicked it from someone else, I wouldn’t know, I didn’t pick up Feynman or any other physisist yet, ok I’m semi-para-phrasing, “you agree to meet someone at a shopping mall, on the 2nd floor at some peculiar chairs, at 3pm.”

You have your X and Y coordinates thanks to that particular chair, your Y coordinate is the 2nd floor – and that was the 3rd dimension. And the 4th dimension is 3pm. You might not be there at 2pm or 3:15. TIME. The 4th dimension.

Now, with all that fuss about uncertainty and unpredictability – we seem to agree that it is impossible to predict a future with a 100% confidence. Even with a trivial thing as, “tomorrow at 5pm I will find my calendar on the right side of my desk,” can be completely ruined by even yourself – between now and then you will have some reason to pick it up and take it elsewhere. Or a dog comes in and eats it – extremely likely to happen if you have many annoying things coming up on that calendar, by the way. Trust me on this.

So, whether we believe in predicting the future or not, we still ATTEMPT. We make projections. We use our thumb-rules and expectations for those projections. Or in some insane cases we use our fantasy and grandiosity – we dream of something romantic and improbable blessing us for no good reason other than just wishing it.

So, I had an interesting experience once in which I imagined there were billions of POINTS in my body which all were making “decisions” on their own. An good decision would feel harmonious, all points of you would have agreed to it, a bad decision will be conflicted – meaning there are many parts within you weighing for the exact opposite decision to be the better one. A part of you think it’s a really bad idea – you become conflicted.

And it’s not the “morals” or “feelings” that make us conflicted, it’s the projections. We are perfectly capable of seeing that what we are about to do might have catastrophic outcomes. It’s the idea of terrible outcomes that makes us think twice, not some “morals” or rules written into smart books. It’s way more personal – a confluence of our own experience, “models”, expectations, wishes, illusions, paranoia. Now, trying to measure all these and put them on a scale to find out precisely how “conflicted” you are is ludacris. You either are or aren’t – but the conflict is there because you are aware of the risks and at least one part of you feels you would not be prepared to face those consequences should they turn out so.

The moment people stop feeling conflicted about doing stupid shit is when they erase their projection-capabilities. They close the eye that peers into the 4th dimension.

Time is often on my mind, and the eye peering into the 4th must be what must have saved our lives more times than we can imagine. It sees what it needs to see and shocks your body still – it’s a wise eye, knows better – that some risks will not be worth it. And who knows, maybe it’s a shared eye – it doesn’t look out only for you, but it looks out for those around you, too. Shutting it is stupid.

Now, what you can do with that, I have no idea, even if it sparks no inspiration – nice of you to have dropped by, thanks and see ya (or what does the smart eye project?) o/

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