Journal 2020

A story that isn’t fractal -can it really be a story? Short stories work precisely because they have something neatly tucked into it to give it extra dimensions – just implicitly so! There can be both implicit and explicit fractality in things! Ha!

You are a story!

Great rhetoric can often hide and fool a muddied mind.

Almost always, someone who says, “no one should be free from criticism,” – is not done trying to sound smart and not done bullshitting just yet. In other words, what they are asking or saying: No one should be able to turn down someone who wants to bullshit at them?

Some people don’t work for others because they don’t like to, some people just prefer to do their own thing; and some don’t work for others because others don’t like them – both might end up making a company. Working in the company of one or the other – 2 very different universes.

Can’t even remember when was the last time I was in a conversation where someone ended up asking me where the evidence is. The key is in keeping good company, friends.

Why did I even start reading stuff? Now there’s like 300 or whatever more books to read. It’s a fkn hydra.

Can a woman really love a man, truly, with devotion and all, unless she knows he is dead serious about commiting to a challenging mutual future? That commitment being there takes a relationship somewhere else than avoiding that conversation or idea at all cost.
No bigger turn off and an insult in a relation is the unspoken and underlying, “I don’t know. I kinda want to keep my options open.” As long as that’s there, the relation won’t feel right – and you’ll be confused about why it isn’t over or going anywhere… So common!

It’s not a bug, it’s a creature.

Why would people make a sport of storing wealth, though, is beyond me.

Before the age of the internet – taking a guess here – if you somehow got separated from your family or community – you were fucked. While the internet has enabled us to find more like-minded “tribes” – it sort of also encourages us to burn old bridges a little too mercilessly.

Hmm, there is a relationship between complaining and confronting. People are more likely to tell you to stop complaining when you are trying to confront them – they will almost never stop you from complaining when you are complaining about random shit.

It’s sweet to watch someone at work who doesn’t even realize how good they are.

Why is it that when I show I’m sensitive towards unfairness, some want to shut me up as if I have just done something very rude? What makes some people more equal than others? Good faith in me says incomplete perception. The conspiracist in me – it’s something more deliberate.

What would happen if papers and journalists had zero feedback or data on how many impressions, comments and shares their articles received? Maybe a part of all these sensational yet fake news has emerged because they can’t help but follow the data and reward?

Who says things WERE normal?

The goalposts are always moving.

Scaling from awesome to wonderful, where are you?

Why would someone highlight “I don’t agree with EVERYTHING he/she says,” other than to try to signal oneself as an “independent thinker” Can we really be “independent thinkers” when we worry too much about what other people think we’re thinking?

Someone who complains that you’re being too sensitive is too sensitive to sensitivity.

It’s unbelievable what metrics people can start chasing when you give them data!

What’s so funny about carbonated water exploding when opening the bottle?

Another problem with modernity is that being intellectually and even practically lazy has become too rewarding. A million followers can relate and like and buy the book.

You could have done just a small insignificant seeming thing differently in your life, and so much could change.

Jerks hope you don’t notice they got emotional and unreasonable when they get cornered (real or imaginary) and manage to deliver the breakout insult with a low volume of voice and a smiling face. They’ll think themselves “diplomatic” for it.

The evolutionary purpose of women’s cold hands is to cool the laptop processors.

Daydreaming = training the mind’s eye!

Bad jokes, bad takes, lazy feelgood philosophy, hard sounding logic, and scientism – I don’t think cranks do it because they intentionally scam, but they do it because their rain-dance brought clicks and now figure they have it all figured out. “A million fans can’t be wrong!” ^-^
Or do people really manage to sleep at night when they figure out that milking a certain cow is extremely dangerous (and/or immoral) to do? That would require more brainwork than a blatant imitation of “but others do it too”… Incompetence, not evil.

Many “ands” are really “buts” 😀

Watching a recording instead of live – eliminates any hope for any kind of synergy. Recordings are nice for information – but getting told a story LIVE – there’s some unexplainable energy in it. A connection forms, even if it is mostly one-way.

Suppose there’s a reason why most people talking about Dunning-Kruger effect makes them feel good about themselves… The concept gives the illusion that because you know about the “effect” – therefore you must be one of the smart ones. Well! Newsflash, the effect ain’t real. Feelgood bollocks.

If I can’t hug the author, I hug the book.

The rules are changing.

Facts alone don’t make a story.

When all the plot points are there, all that’s left to do is to fill in the gaps.

Let’s make something beautiful!

Rivals are over-romanticized. But somehow it’s all right.

Learning tricks seems to have more (or at least a different) value than learning some theory.

Showing reality tv shows in which people say and do excessively stupid things might also be a great contributor to making otherwise normal people see themselves as relatively more intelligent than they really are. Just my stupid observation.

Watch out for highly educated snakes!

A segment of people seems to see their Ph.D. as a license to treat people with no Ph.D. as subhuman. Especially contrasted when dealing with psychologists, social scientists, medical doctors. Make no mistake, I know there are heroes among you, too! But the degree didn’t make you.

Good people have helped me, they are a great company. But I had to make space for them, first.

Anxiety is a big propellant. Anxiety makes me move and do things. Anxiety is excitement, energy, motivation. Without it there could be complete depression. No urge, no attraction towards anything. Anxiety is a form of energy.
Many so-called anxiety problems aren’t really anxiety problems, but a problem of remaining helplessly bs-tolerant. See, meditation won’t help, creating illusions about things being better than bla bla will make things worse – because you’re still keeping shitheads for company.
Walk away from shit deals and shitheads first, THEN meditate or whatever rocks your boat.

No one else has your full experience.

Today a seed was planted in my head: the majority will never rule. It was from a book recommended right here.

It would suck to die against your own will.

We’re always adjusting to something.

Starting to think everything I’ve been doing until now, and still do – is just a dress rehearsal. But a rehearsal for what – I have no idea.

Some stuff builds up gradually, other stuff appears very suddenly!

What it all ended up looking for me – adulthood is the capability of promising something to some other person without really knowing whether you will be able to deliver – and then bind yourself to it (although most bail when the going gets unexpectedly tough);
So, we undertake challenges we imagine we can handle. Very few people know what they are doing – and willingly take more than they think themselves capable of – they just might have something backing them up in their head – belief in extra help – or no care if they are to die…
Just exploring thought here – I have no idea what I’m trying to get at here.

Intentions are a strange currency.

Taking a leap of faith often means in betting on something you personally do not feel good about. Your skin in the game – and usually to someone else’s benefit (and sometimes you’ll care for their benefit).

Nature can trick us – but we can’t ever trick nature – not in the long run anyway.

When someone is talking about it – it’s already too late.

Great dialogue can be much greater than the greatest monologue.

Some people act pre-recorded even in real-life.

Shamelessly low-effort feedback stings for the low-effort and shamelessness.

A player is someone who religiously reduces everything in life into a game. Also known as a loser or a suker.

People who, with a foaming mouth, demand you respect them, really ask that you fake submissiveness to them. Real masterful people never ever had to do that.

What if natural laws are also changing, evolving from one thing to another – making our attempts to crack it all down all the more futile?

What would happen if there was a strictly followed tradition, on a global scale, every year – a no-international-travel month?

Came up with a theory rn: the people who buy selfie-books about forgiveness and enlightenment are the ones who want to further convince themselves that THEY should be forgiven for some shit they have done, and some 3rd person who was involved, ought to be seeking inlitment x)

The insult attempt, “did you forget to take your meds today?” should be changed to, “are you on some kind of meds?”

I’m completely torn between going to the shop to buy a bottle of wine and doing nothing.

Your files will be deleted forever after they have “bin” in the bin for 30 days.

It either happens, or it won’t.

If you’re here, I can’t help but assume – you’re a little like me.

I don’t mind having paid for a book written with low effort. I do, however, mind having wasted my time reading it… It’s not the money that makes me feel scammed when something turned out to be below my expectations. My personal time and dedication have more value to me than the cash.

Constraintless creativity is how you get artsy-fartsy snobs and nerds.

The advice to “stop comparing yourself to others” might be a harmful kind. Comparing, measuring, imitating could be even necessary and helpful (as always: up to a point). But it might be good to stop competing with others – because we’re not even running on the same kinds of tracks.

We can really stunt our own progress, keeping our eyes on other people’s balls!

Good luck trying to negotiate against nature!

Maximum creative freedom is detrimental to creativity.

Conversations in real life are special when they aren’t in any way recorded. We can’t revisit them like we can revisit letters or other kinds of text messages.

People in relationships counting each other’s points – once again – treat it like a competition. Eyes on the wrong ball.

I wonder what else I will surprise me with!?

To always wanting to always blame and protest something hm… How damn exhausting that can be!

What if… The actual problem of people who complain about having zero friends is that they view “having friends” as a competition. Same with money, achievements… Their problem is that it’s all a competition to them. And they are losing! Loser mentality.

Rejection is better than being taken advantage of!

I wonder if people insist “you have to be more confident” say this because they get extremely uncomfortable when someone around them reminds them how uncertain everything is?

Gut feelings – we don’t know what we know!

Have you ever experienced the universe giving some kind of bonus benefits for when you cut something bad out? Like, the good stuff starts happening which can’t be in any way connected to you have stopped doing something / interacting with the wrong people, etc.?

For the first writer in the world, it was impossible to read more than to write – therefore that rule is bullshit.

Imagine how disappointing it would be to find out that you’ve been talking to bots all along.

For putting ourselves in a position to assess excellence – shouldn’t we first surpass that excellence ourselves?

What the hell am I even talking about?

With some people, you’re not strangers, even though you haven’t talked much… Something else connected you.

A good chance of getting a “no” shouldn’t stop me from asking. I might get a surprise – a very unexpected “yes”.

It’s hilarious when people imagine an apology should have to make all their wrongs magically disappear!

Very easy to forget we’re not really entitled to comfort.

I wouldn’t be the first to propose (right?) that light is noise?

Confidence is illusions – what the real problem most people complaining about their self-esteem have: bad energy – it’s all connected to our health, connections, quality of relationships, environment, habits – impossible to get it right when ALL these domains are in the shitter.

They make a competition even out of predictions. Winner gets to say “told you so”.

Can’t really discover anything new doing the same thing others are doing…

Do you enjoy your own art and work?

Life is so good these days that people completely freak out when they sometimes feel like a piece of shit for a day.

People can only give “constructive criticism” when they have lived it themselves. And this means they should have a personal or at least an anecdotal story to tell to illustrate their point. Theories, flighty ideas, shoulda-wouldas – all that and the rest is just cheap tawk.

Most things either exceed or don’t live up to the hype. Very rarely the hype around stuff has been accurate about anything.

Diplomacy in bad faith – all it does is make a person look constipated. Sometimes diplomacy is more an act of bullying than being unapologetically frank. Trying to bully people into agreeing with you, whilst wearing a stone cold smile.

It’s cheap to be angry. At least short-term.

Helpless people don’t realise helplessness and kindness are two different things.

The simplest things are so smart it’s incredible!

Humans dig compliments and insults like they are diagnosis.

Never separate insurance from the product itself #RWRI
The collective knowledge of Real World Risk Institute

“If it makes sense – someone went bankrupt already trying to do it” – – – Nassim Taleb + Rory Sutherland#RWRI
Context – you don’t beat Coca Cola by making a better tasting, cheapter, prettier drink – when testers tested Red Bull, they did not find the words to describe how horrible it tasted – yet it is the only beverage to have beaten Coca Cola.

The biggest douche bags write the most poetic love letters.

If not for the sake of anything else, learn at least so others can’t bullshit a helpless you.

Nassim, while getting caught (extremely blissfully) dozing off on camera, “I tried to fall asleep, but failed.”
I’m hoping to have an opportunity to use this someday, somewhere. #RWRI

Peace is nice, getting engaged in solving something is better, getting engaged solving something with other people might be the best.

I have these little creatures called Narratives in my head. Some days they party hard, other days they do non-stop construction, very irritating; these little swift monkeys hop around in and out and all over the place; they never seem to sleep, not even when I do.

Some things self-organise so neatly that when looking at it from further away you could almost draft how it all was designed and planned. LOOKS like it, but the most important factor is missing. Topdown planning can never have as great an edge as the magic of cooperation. #RWRI

Suppose many people who wish they were more confident really wish they felt less uncomfortable.
Another thing that often seems to be mistaken for confidence is aggressiveness. What you’re seeing there might even be the opposite of confidence.

The bird starts behaving differently when she knows you’re watching. You’ll only find out what she’s really up to when you become invisible. Unless the bird is the kind of paranoid who thinks someone’s always watching, ofc.

When seeing in a video how a neuron dies. Social networks, ties could be the same way – the more you connect with someone, the thicker the tie – the less you connect with anyone, the more frail you become until you wither and die 🙁
Now I wonder if neurons have something like neuron viruses – they get infected and infect their whole network, and then it makes them all die? ._. Or there’s some infection to test the fitness – everything below the threshold dies!
Apparently the mad cow disease had been like that.

You can’t unscramble an egg! #RWRI

It’s harder to reduce entropy than to increase it. #RWRI

Trying to reduce entropy in one place is going to blow it all up somewhere else; fake stability! #RWRI

“Escape competition through authenticity.” – – – Naval
I’m starting to think that (absolute) competition (on an individual level) is for people who have no faith in the greater possibilities of cooperation. A little bit of competition is helpful, though – sets the bar and pushes what we know about what is possible 🙂

Maybe the only reason we don’t let go of “negative options” is because their bitterness somehow makes it feel like they are an obligation. We’re telling to ourselves there’s some necessity to hold on to that energy-sucking piece of shit, because it sure as hell isn’t rational!

Remove the pebble from your shoe! Satisfying via negativa. The princess from the princess and the pea certainly knew it well enough!

Maybe it’s impossible to truly respect someone unless you sat with them. In any other case what you think is respect or admiration is towards some kind of an animus – you don’t know the person – it’s no different from falling in love with strangers.
Falling in love with strangers tells more about you than the strangers. Casting your hopes and dreams onto figures that to your head could potentially be anything.
Some people do it the opposite way too – their starting point with all strangers is negative – meaning their belief about people is that the people can’t wait to pull one over him. And that directs the general attitude of the person…
You fall out of love over time or lose respect for someone you didn’t know so well as things about them get revealed – which will not match up with what your expectations to that person were. Our expectations are very informational. Your standards, morals, ethics – all in there.

Mmm…. Skin in the game doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have ALL your skin in, especially all in one game. But just enough to make you unstupid about it, and not so much to make you desperate.
Ok, then again – different people behave differently when desperate. So it’s maybe not about that, but yet again, integrity.
Dan, “I think it’s confusing because in modernity people feel more passion towards Starbucks than they do their own country. (at least in the west)
Maybe Starbucks staff have more charm to rally people than our current leaders of the countries?

mental strength = getting comfortable with uncomfortable situations; people these days way too quickly cry abuse/trauma/whatever when something that’s really nothing more but inconvenient, happens; u.u

You know the feeling when the alcohol runs out?

The good stuff is spontaneous. Impossible to put a price on it – surprises come for free. That’s why it’s such a delight! We’re playing lottery even when we think we’re not playing. #RWRI

How come I only ever see the overpriced stuff? Where can I go to spot the underpriced stuff?

There’s a fragile way to try to align things… E.g. you set the thing up and nothing may disturb it, you must be very careful to avoid having it all fall apart. And there’s the natural way to align – shake it and mishandle it into place. The more you do it, the better it gets.

If you became the size of a germ and then started measuring the coast with a ruler made so small that a germ-sized human can hold it – the coastline will turn out to be, in the end, way longer than we’d measure on our own scale with our own rulers. Complexity science trippy #RWRI
Assuming a human is a million x bigger than a germ – for the germ the world is even bigger than a million times. The world is super big for a germ – but are we going to get into what their take or comprehension of reality is, anyway (it’s not like they have hands & eyes!)? ._.

People screw themselves over slow and thorough by going after the metric which is, unbeknownst to them, irrelevant.

Liars very quickly start calling you crazy when you express the suspicion that you’re being lied to ^_^

I like the human aspect in stuff. Makes things more moist.

Do you guys ever just sit by yourself, remembering or intentionally recalling some funny stuff and laugh out loud?

Isn’t it so: surprise and trouble both come from unexpected properties.

Get tempted to bitch about or do something unhealthy… Being surrounded by people who bitch and waste away encourages one to act on those temptations, too. We imitate a lot. Which would be why cutting off the bitchy and unhealthy people can be the healthiest decision made.
Good influence works, too. I don’t think I would have barbells at home or be skipping breakfast, otherwise.

Otherworldly to hear or talk to people who don’t constantly need to prove their worth. Good energy!

A strange world in which people like to cheat attention out of somebody. Very fleeting. And exhausting. It’s not real, it’s not sustainable – why bother? Why not work on getting the real thing…

Part of charm might be in the ability to bring fresh air to the room – and so much of it that there will be plenty for everyone.
Some people just have a knack for sucking the air out of the room. I wouldn’t say it’s about a personality, almost always you could pin it down to a certain behaviour.

Eating fake-foods causes health inflation. Producing and growing fake-food causes soil inflation. I think I get it now why in Trigun there were double-dollars.
I had a christmas chocolate calendar, and what I did with it – I took a teeny tiny bite out of each day’s chocolate, while also eating the current day piece. And that, my friends is how to explain inflation to kids. Ofc my calendar didn’t last for 24 days. Done by 4th.

Somehow it is easier to get in than it is to get out.

The people who even show no intent on getting their shit together are dangerous to your moods and behaviour. Everyone gets tempted to whine, every now and then. If you have such people around, you’re more likely to actually do it. Do they deserve to get blocked?

I’ve been accused of not being persistent enough. And it got me very confused for a long time. Turns out persistence is not my problem. Just the pursuit at those times wasn’t mine, neither in my interest (could even have been to my detriment) – but it was of those accusers.

At one point the question goes from “will they miss me when I’m gone” to “will I miss them when they’re gone”? Not gone as in dead but you know. Grown apart or something 🙂

I never consider “agreeing with me” any kind of a requirement for anything. Agreement is not what makes me like any of you. What I appreciate in people is their strong spirit, integrity, curiosity, good faith – at least as much as one can perceive over the on-line.
And it is fucking annoying when someone swiftly assumes I get “irritated” because they disagree with me. Well, someone assessing the situation as such is, as a friend would say, “very informational” 🙂

A false sense of invincibility is dangerous. It’s easy to forget none of us are immune to death.

Maybe blushing is a genetically failed attempt at camo.

Guys who feel the need to demand that women must be submissive to them are so fkn clueless. It’s not something one can demand for – not the genuine kind anyway – but great men earn it without having to ever ask. fkn redpill idiots.

Can’t help it but get a little hyped when I meet someone new and they say something which makes me go like, ah, this guy gets it! (or woman!) And feel very bummed when they say that one thing which indicate, after a while, that never mind, they don’t get it at all 🙁

Big money wouldn’t solve problems, it would make them irrelevant. Take the big money away, the problems return. But solve the problems somehow else, money, in that regard, will become irrelevant.

Math and lifting both are markers of resilience. Isn’t it about getting used to the discomfort of strain? It never stops being difficult – but your muscle for handling difficulty improves, no?

Science is not about evidence. Science is about properties.
– – – Nassim Taleb

Pity posts are dangerous. There’s a good chance after you start with one, you can no longer stop. And that’ll be a complete downer feedback loop.

Risk-illiteracy brings about unnecessary suffering.

I wonder if spiders feel “nice!” every time they get to a junction – which would guide and motivate them to do the web patterns that they do. “Nice!” and pain both are guides. Hm, as is boredom, as noted by a cool dude. Is boredom painful?
Drugs and drinks can make things “nice!” that really aren’t…

“The rarest and most valuable thing on this planet is a clear mind.” – – – Nassim Taleb
Yeah. Nothing good ever gets done in a confused state of mind.

Becoming more aggressive in talking about what I do wouldn’t achieve much. Different story when I direct that energy into doing, though.

Not every hunt was a successful one. Think about it… And then some hunters said fck it and started herding.

Foundations which fall apart without any support are fragile. If it needs a support – it becomes a part of the system – there you’re looking at whether the supporters like their odds – will they support with sweat and blood or not. Most foundations, we’ll find, are not worth it.

During a genuine dialogue two people can iterate and build on each others’ outputs, really cool. Most arguments, however, go the other way – at least one of the two isn’t trying to build, but tear down whatever the other was trying to build there…
The latter can’t even agree on the foundation on which to build.

In real life such unbelievable things happen that it wouldn’t be believable enough if it was put in fiction.

Simple is not necessarily easy.

MFW I start getting used to wearing no makeup:

Spotting opportunities is a magic skill, a high craft. In art, business, inventions, relationships… It’s waow!

“By saying no to everything that would take you further away from what you want, you are narrowing down the path towards it – and eventually you might even get there – although, there’s never any guarantees. But you’ll have better chances.” – @ishirubi

Discovered an easy life-hack on how to feel rich as fuck. You ready for this? Buy 3-ply toilet paper – take care of the downside and the upside will take care of itself.

Most people won’t be bold and ballsy enough to go after what they are most attracted to.

Some jerks will shove the shit end of the stick in your hand and then cry ‘negative attitude’ when you say ‘no thanks’ (in other words or actions which translate, ofc).
Not negative is not automatically positive. Besides, someone will accuse you of negativity and unfairness just for retaliating fast and not being ‘diplomatically’ docile. Wow how much can people cry “unfair” – & even more wow how many fall right under ”’control”’ when they do.

Sausage taste better when you cut the slices with a slant.

Money doesn’t cure perversions.
It exaberates them – – – Marcelle
Not always and not for everyone. Money cured my desire for luxuries. – – – Nassim Taleb.
Ha! Big bucks can act like an amplifier and an accelerator – what it ends up increasing then depends on what is already there u.u

I noticed I lock my hands behind my back every time I stand still to watch a crow. Imitation!

I recall I’ve felt jealous over the personalised attention and consideration some people get. Now I wonder, it might never have been consideration – all this pleasantries were to keep them under control. Manipulation. Control and regard can look the same on the surface.

Many terrible risks are taken due to the false sense of safety. I wonder now if manic people over-estimate the safety of the situation or over-estimate their capability; I used to assume it’s the latter, now I’m not so sure.
And what is being over-estimated in case there is a manic person gambling away his last money? say it’s a really big bet, or big bets after bets. Might have nothing to do with over-estimating his odds; but it’s a frenzy, a hazard… Going all in, pumped full of adrenaline.
Maybe manic people aren’t over-estimating anything – they aren’t assessing the situation at all. Same could be said regarding the illusion of safety – we don’t imagine it’s safe, but we refuse or avoid assessing the danger. An illusion of something not being there cannot exist.
Of course, our instincts are working for us to keep ourselves alive, to avoid pain – therefore when we have taken stupid risks, we must have muffled the instincts out somehow – any sorts of distractions will do, as well as intoxication, screwing around with adrenaline and else.
So, it may be that at these times we are simply not paying attention to the things we should be – and if we were sober, present, calm – we’d very likely nope the fck out! Responsibility – you take care and keep yourself within bounds in which you are capable of clear thinking.

Where do friends come from?

As if it is illegal to admit, “I’m not interested in this.”

The way we are taught in school is sooo unnatural. Has unintended side effects.

How powerful an experience it is when someone gives you their undivided attention for the time; too bad it’s increasingly becoming an ever rarer skill witnessed in conversations… Distractions, ego, insecurity, all that crap taking over bigtime.

Deleted my goodreads account. I believe this might somewhat change how I read things. Mostly the possibly very shallow “why” I read things. I read many things (to the end) only so I could mark it “read” on goodreads. This ends now.
What I may or may not have read from which books, from now on, will only come up in exclusive personalized conversations, when and only when it’s relevant.

A short essay on why not everyone who own a prestigious job title, a new house and a shiny car come with a healthy attitude:
Most are not wealthy: high income but high dependence – – – Nassim Taleb

The cheapest shit is being sold to the biggest masses – whoever produces. has figured out ways to make it look like it’s worth it. The glaze and food coloring in and on the doughnut, the wooden print on the cardboard boxes, professional looking logos, neat looking spokespersons…
Tricks and advancements in tech are being used to make cheap garbage even cheaper and more appealing at the same time. Hidden costs. Wait, am I repeating myself? Aite, time to close twitter for a bit.

Exaggerating, of course – 99% of “food” sold in stores is not food. 99% of modern furniture, textile etc produced now will be outlived by stuff produced before them. Modern shit largely just don’t age with grace… Clever hidden costs to all that crap we can buy today.
Too bad the advancement of technologies isn’t being used to produce better, stronger, longer lasting stuff – it’s being used to create cheaper stuff and ship it all over the world. The whole world is getting filled with garbage – meanwhile we imagine we’re getting richer, lol.
In tech we can own – there do exist CARs which are more or less robust, a clever man can maintain and fix them for many years. I wonder what the world oldest functioning bicycle could be? But when it comes to computers, smartphones, servers – tech like that 🙂 Think about it…
Laptops and smartphones, although we can do very productive things with them – also have very short life-spans. There is nothing to do with them once they are done. PCs too, although they can live a little longer, since you can switch it out part by part, in some cases…
I bought this laptop 1 year ago. Can I still use it in 4?

I wonder if it is ever possible to imitate NOT-doing something?

How to make someone hate eating at the dinner table? When eating, criticise them almost systematically (about anything), cringe over every random crumb and drop (as if cleaning the table only happened once in a 1000 years). Perfect to create unnecessary tension.
The habit of judging someone at the dinner table is like some curse – anyone that has it – possibly got it from someone else, and will infect other regular attendees to his or her table. It can never help achieve neatness and only causes uncomfortable situations.
Scolding someones table manners could stop after playing with food or talking with your mouth full. Some people of course seem to have a habit of talking about their most graphical health problems during those times. I hereby feel for anyone with a vivid imagination.
The dinner table could be a celebratory place, everybody wants to go, stay for a little longer, enjoy the food, the time, and even want to help clean up. Not gonna happen if the dinner table becomes THE place for judgement, shaming or make-believe doctor appointments. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sneaky fuckers avoid a fair fight at all costs.

Lifting feels lighter when I’m angry.

Someone lecturing you about manners won’t result in you suddenly practising all the manners, but you will have picked up the skill for lecturing.

Words – advice, rules – they aren’t as old and quick as real examples and imitation; no wonder people are more likely to imitate the character and not his advice… Pity that the most exemplary individuals can’t be narcissistic enough to put themselves out there for imitation.
Well, don’t we have a breakthrough, here then – since they don’t like to put on a show: truly exemplary role-models don’t scale, you can only really get them locally.
TV, other mass-media, social-media, interviews with artists and academics – their characters may have influenced us more than we’d like to admit (if we consume said interviews and mass-media); MM has created another veil distracting us to getting to know ourselves.

Terminology should aid in thinking, not replace it. – – – Joe Norman

Most hilarious are the people who will hold it against you if you happen to be the type of person who fights back ^_^

If you consider time as an attribute (as well as other minor details, and that the samples are actually different in each case), I mean you forget about categories altogether – everything always happens once and for the first time.

When’s the last time you just sat around and let your mind wander?

We have narratives even about ourselves.
Much of how un/satisfied we are about our lives can be changed in a matter of framing. Sometimes you will want to accuse external circumstances on your misfortune – yet some hardcore masochists insist you must admit all faults as your own – that’s how you get nihilistic, bro!
Should you act on the advice of these hardcore masochists, your life becomes a game of looking for crimes to your punishments eheh.

We’ve gone from having to learn to be polite and civil (and it helps if you know WHY) to being coerced to walking on egg shells. That’s modernity. Psychos having narcissists beat the drums for the rest ehehe…
Kinda wonder here if times were saner when people could announce a duel to deal with their disputes. Or you could slap a person for saying/doing/demanding something really stupid…
Strangely enough, having removed all sorts of physical threats from each other has removed too much skin from the game – we no longer have any incentive to keep our stupidest ideas and businesses to ourselves. We just won’t suffer enough pain to be disincentivised… Hmh.
If it needs to be said – I’m not suggesting any changes to where the world is currently headed to (isn’t it exciting how fucked up everything can get in a matter of any day now???), am just wondering.

Imagine working on a 3 minute piece of music – you’re working on it for 14 hours. This 3 minute song contains 14 hours of work… It’s like compressing time and experiences into smaller things. Weird!

It’s possible to make someone feel stupid just by framing differently something they already knew.

A small sample makes for poor statistics but it is incontrovertible evidence of the possible. – – – Robert J Frey

Having more options to choose from generates an illusion of control ^_^

More spiders in the room = less annoying flies. I’m sure there is a philosophical lesson somewhere in there.

There’s no virtue in being forgiving towards organisations.

You must have the discipline to seek revenge and deliver punishment when you don’t really feel like it anymore; and do it purely out of a sense of duty, acting as a sentencing judge rather than a plaintif. – – – Nassim Taleb
I wonder how many people say “I forgive you” only because they didn’t really have the means or energy to retaliate in any other way than walking away & cutting ties; forgiveness, in such a case, wouldn’t be generosity, either – because you benefit more from staying… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Which means in many cases where we’d say “I forgive you”, we are really not even in the position to be forgiving anything – we were done injustice and we stick around anyway, hoping it won’t become a pattern… Technically we’d be begging for mercy, instead.
“Please don’t do this again (+ a weak or else)” is not forgiveness… And walking away instead of it is not revenge nor justice – it’s just walking away – and often it will be the best thing we can do, and should, too.
Now, apply all that stuff not on individuals who did injustice to you andnyours, but organisations who did to you and so much more… Uff… A slap on the wrist with saying, “stahp it,” isn’t going to do much to stop them and get justice… ^_^

Never thought of the distinction between rest and letting go before… Getting shit-faced drunk is not relaxing and is not resting. That’s giving up all control, a surrendering to loss. And such an exercise cannot replenish the spirit at all…

It’s almost as if recognising something energises us, and needing to try to recall something zaps it from us!

Your experiencing self is HIDING things from your remembering self.