Provoqueens in Bikinis

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First things first – I am not posting this to bait someone into an ideological debate with me, neither do I know how things work in the Saudi regions – I don’t know, I’m not touching that. The topic at hand can be somewhat sensitive. Mostly this thought is about female self-representation, as in what you wear, why you wear it, how it makes you look in the eyes of someone else and so on. Why it seems to be such a controversial topic – and I think I might have figured something out here – yet remember, I am open to admitting I’m way off.

I am completely for every woman being free to wear whatever she likes. If you wanna go outdoors in bikinis, by all means, don’t let anyone stop you. But I want to point out this sort of freedom does not mean that your right to go to the street in bikinis should be protected in this petty sense, as in anyone who dares to look for a little too long or make a loud remark and a long whistle – we can’t really demand protection from that, because we don’t really own the place.

Imagine, one innocent woman suffered a long unpleasant whistle on the street. It bothers her because the event made her feel uncomfortable, she did not expect that, and it put her in a somewhat unpleasant light.

Idiots whistle and make remarks – it appears to be coded into them. But… I don’t think they are really doing it strategically. People do shit like this like a bulls rush at red – it’s an automatic thing. Not for everybody, of course – honourable people still do exist.

Now, some red-pill leaning person would say the woman who went out in a bikini and now protests about the unwanted attention knew very well what she was doing. The red-pill would claim the whole point of her bikini-wearing exercise was to provoke a man to whistle a long loud whistle, and then some.

Yes – I suppose there are women who do that, and there are even women who do that and complain. They appear to be as unavoidable phenomenon as the men who automatically whistle and make remarks, okay?

But pay attention now – not every woman does that, and that’s what I’m here to break down – so what ARE they doing? They don’t put on a provocative piece of clothing because they want to tempt men into a bull-rush. The point is – they don’t know what they are doing, they don’t know what kind of effect this sort of outfit has on these idiots (or men who do not automatically whistle, also). They don’t know the laws of nature – and it’s not because they are stupid – but simply because it never occurred to them. What they do: they blindly imitate what they see some other woman wear. They want to imitate the look – they are completely oblivious to the feelings this outfit will provoke in anyone else.

The bitter part of the whole deal – the fact that the woman didn’t mean to provoke any reaction out of a jerk who can whistle really, really loud – does not negate the effect itself. A kind of outfit that is revealing does not lose it’s provocative effect if her intent in wearing it is completely something else.

Here’s some typical-seeming chain of events that seems plausible to me:

  1. Naive woman sees a pretty outfit on TV and decides she wants to look like that, too.
  2. Nobody tells her it’s provocative, this concept is alien to a naive person.
  3. Naive woman goes out with her new outfit minding her own business, thinking she looks good – just for her own sake – or maybe to impress girl friends (or to look nice to some particular guy, whatever)
  4. A stranger now starts hitting on her, mistaking her outfit as an invitation for sex or whatever. Or someone will immediately jump to shaming, as he or she mistakes the accidentally provocative clothing to a provocative personality.
  5. Naive woman is super confused and perhaps even disgusted. Maybe something very shitty happens (by something very shitty I mean something more than a stupid whistle or cat call; as in she gets assaulted by the puritan or raped by a jerk).
  6. Naive woman wants to report the crime.
  7. She gets told she brought it on herself, being provocative like that.

Now, having told that scenario, don’t think me for a fool – of course I know there are harpies out there who know what the fuck they are doing, trying to play people by getting in trouble. But why I started this whole thought exercise is to try to see how situations get out of hand in cases where the girl really might not have been aware why the things that are happening to her, are happening. Because I find: maybe people have been too quick to judge EVERY woman wearing or doing something that might grab unexpected attention from others does it with provocative intentions. Asking for it? Fuck off. Why would someone be asking for it (unless getting in trouble was really worth the efforts, as in gets rewarded somehow – which would take a psychopath to pull off, but idk)?

Now, in the end I don’t really know if the fault lies in all these so-called role-models who flash their tits on TV and make stupid moves with their tongue and wiggle their butt into the camera, or is it just a part of life, getting completely crushed by pretend-puritans (just people who find joy in violence against “sinners” (guess what, suddenly they start seeing everyone as sinners!) for having made some naive mistake. I wonder if it was always so, or maybe life has become a little too fast and brutal. Enlightened era as we are, yet seems people around these naive women do not care to slow down for a sec and think that wait, this could all be a big misunderstanding.

Of course there does exist an ideological wing which seems to want to deny any existence of social dynamics in life – as in something always comes off, fast and frugal, as a provocation – and people have a very limited amount of ways to respond to said provocations; as if natural causes and reactions between genders and how they happen to put themselves up to display are all but social constructs. As always, it’s easier to accuse the other side of being unreasonable and ill-intended – it is easier to assume every offence that was uttered or exercised was pre-meditated. As if a young girl imitating pop-stars from TV really means to provoke a remark out of the sweaty drunk man, and as if that sweaty drunk man has been waiting all day to shame or assault the young innocent woman (who he must see, of course, as a whore the second any discord appears among her original intentions – sick people are an exception, here, of course – they see everyone but themselves as whores, possibly).

Such events don’t seem to solve themselves easily. It’s not like the assaulted and shamed woman will now sit down and trace it all the way back to the moment where two people completely misunderstood what the other were up to, that her intention of imitating a pop-star or a friend might come off as a sexual-provocation, and that the world is not a safe place to stroll around in bikinis. For her, usually the next episode turns out to be something else entirely – without such introspects, especially when there are other ideologically-minded individuals around to help (and exploit for their own agendas) her misery.

Can’t be arsed to make this skimmable.

Take care o/

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